Setting up RabbitMQ in Docker using Docker compose.

Recently I have been working on an application containing serval microservices. These microservices used RabbitMQ for communication between them. In order to develop this application I installed RabbitMQ on my machine as well as Erlang. This was not as easy as I thought it would be, it took me half […]

How to get a Google access token with CURL. 2

Google supports OAuth 2.0 authorization for access to their APIs and gain access to private user data. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to request an Access token and a refresh token from Google’s Oauth2 server using CURL. The steps for Google authorization OAuth2 is performed […]

Guide to Google analytics Data Api Beta with C#.

Google Analytics 4 When Google released the new version of Google Analytics GA4, a number of users flocked to the new type of Google analytics some abandoning their old universal analytics accounts. This became a big problem for developers who had applications that were designed to extract the data from […]

How to use the NextPageToken with the C# 3

This Tutorial was completely rewritten in April, 2021 What is pagination? Methods like the files.list in the Google Drive V3 API return a limited number of results per request. Each request returns a page of results. With the file.list method the maximum number of results or files returned per request […]

Google Drive API V3 Service Account 66

This Tutorial was completely rewritten in April, 2021 There are a lot of use cases for accessing the Google Drive API v3 with a service account. Think of a service account as a dummy user. You can pre authorize a service account granting it access to your data. So I […]

How to upload a file to Google Drive with C# .net 4

This Tutorial was completely rewritten in April, 2021 Uploading files to the Google Drive API V3 can be a little confusing in the beginner. I have seen a lot of questions and issues related to it on Stack Overflow over the years. These issues normally stem from the fact that […]

Search files with Google Drive api v3

The List files method. Listing all of the files in a users Google Drive account can be a bit cumbersome with the Google Drive API V3. If a user has a large number of files, and the limitations of only 1000 rows page page, this can lead to a lot […]

.net core

Asp .net core 3 and Google login

Accessing the Google apis with asp .net core can be a little tricky to set up. I have seen a lot of questions about it on Stack overflow the last few years. Today I thought we would have a look at setting up the Google Apis .net client library to […]