Is your project misleading users?   Recently updated !

Yesterday a question popped up on Stack Overflow like I normally do with questions on stack that I feel confident enough in, I answered it and moved on. However something about it just stuck in my head and over the last day I have been thinking about it. This morning […]

.net core

Replacing null in a list

I was just working on an issue here. For some reason when we post data to the server the language is wrong sometimes we have users with data that is half English and half Danish. Its been very hard to track down this issue. After digging around in the logging […]

IdentityServer4 LogoutId

If like me you have been working on an IdentityServer4 project you may have seen a lot of the sample projects contain a LogOut method which accepts one parameter logoutId. I spent a while trying to understand how my clients were supposed to know what this logoutid is in order […]

IdentityServer4 Postman

How to set up PostMan authentication to an Itendity server 4 Identity server. Have you been trying to test your API with authentication? Are you using Identityserver4? Client The following client Will allow you to connect using Postman. Note that the grant type needs to be authorization_code and that you […]

Git large

Git cheat sheet

I have been working with Git for solution control on and off for about five years. I recently decided it was time to stop relying on applications to do my work and that it was time to learn to use Git Command line. The following are all of the commands […]

.net core

Building Asp .net Core Identity

Have you considered building Asp .net core identity yourself? I was trying to debug an issue in my applicaiton with my usermanager and it was calling some methods deep within the framework rather then trying to hop around the GitHub project I decided to try and build the library locally […]

.net core

ASP.NET Core Identity primary key data type

Are you working on an application that is using ASP.NET Core Identity for user storage? Is the primary key datatype not what you expected? When I first added it I found that my user id was a guid. This was a big problem for me due to the fact that […]


Curl with a config file

I use curl almost daily to test my APIs, and Identity server. I am used to working comandline so find this method just works for me. I have been having a problem with some of my requests. The thing is a lot of the requests I make require that I […]

Nhibernate QuickStart

Are you working on an application that needs to connect to a database? Have you considered using NHibernate to do this? In this tutorial i am going to go though how to set up a simple console application to use NHibernate. We will create the entities and mappings for our […]

Google Analytics V4 pagination

Are you working on an application that needs to access Google Analytics data. Would you like to extract your Google analytics data? The Google Analytics Reporting API allows us to do just that. Once we are authenticated we can access a users Google Analytics data. In this tutorial I am […]