How to create simple app using Palm API and Node.Js .

In today’s world, health and fitness are paramount, and keeping track of what we eat is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One way to make this process more efficient is by leveraging AI-powered tools like the Googles PALM API to extract what a user has eaten from […]

GA4 + Palm API with Google App script

Guess what? There’s yet another Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) out its its kind cool. The team at Google, is behind this new AI tool and I managed to get access to it. So I want to introduce you to something called PALM API (which stands for ‘Programmable Actions by Learning […]

How to read a gmail email body with Go?

This afternoon I ran across a rather interesting question on Stack Overflow Gmail API shows empty body when getting message. The author of the question was trying to parse the raw email body from a Gmail get response but the raw field was always returning null. It didn’t take me […]

How to read gmail message body with python?

In this post we are going to look at the Gmail API and how to request the full message body. Reading message data from the Google Gmail API can be a little more complicated then you think. Gmail itself is an SMTP or mail server. Mail format is not as […]


How to make your first gRPC application with C# .Net. Fast! 2

In this post we are going to look at gRPC, What is it? Why would you use it? How is it different from a standard Rest API endpoint. Then finally we are going to create a simple app using gRPC. What is gRPC? gRPC is a modern open source high […]

Simple how to Upload file to google drive with Go Lang.

The google api go client library has been around for a quite some time. It can be used to access a all of the google discovery services apis. Google drive, google sheets, YouTube api are just a few of the Discovery services apis. I thought today we would have a […]

Simple how to Integrate Google Drive API with PHP. 2

Do you want to Integrate Google Drive API with PHP? In this tutorial we will look at how to simply integrate the google drive api with php. If you want to integrate your PHP script to your google drive account doesn’t have to be hard. In fact using the PHP […]


How to use X509Certificate2 with pem file. 2

The X509Certificate2 method is used to load cryptography signatures most often in my experience taking the the form of a p12 file. Normally I just store this certificate in my project and then have the password for the file in a secret storage location like Azure secret store. However the […]