How to get a Google access token with CURL. 5

Google supports OAuth 2.0 authorization for access to their APIs and gain access to private user data. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to request an Access token and a refresh token from Google’s Oauth2 server using CURL. The steps for Google authorization OAuth2 is performed […]

Guide to Google analytics Data Api Beta with C#.

Google Analytics 4 When Google released the new version of Google Analytics GA4, a number of users flocked to the new type of Google analytics some abandoning their old universal analytics accounts. This became a big problem for developers who had applications that were designed to extract the data from […]

How to use the NextPageToken with the C# 3

This Tutorial was completely rewritten in April, 2021 What is pagination? Methods like the files.list in the Google Drive V3 API return a limited number of results per request. Each request returns a page of results. With the file.list method the maximum number of results or files returned per request […]

Google Drive API V3 Service Account 66

This Tutorial was completely rewritten in April, 2021 There are a lot of use cases for accessing the Google Drive API v3 with a service account. Think of a service account as a dummy user. You can pre authorize a service account granting it access to your data. So I […]

How to upload a file to Google Drive with C# .net 13

This Tutorial was completely rewritten in April, 2021 Uploading files to the Google Drive API V3 can be a little confusing in the beginner. I have seen a lot of questions and issues related to it on Stack Overflow over the years. These issues normally stem from the fact that […]

Search files with Google Drive api v3 4

The List files method. Listing all of the files in a users Google Drive account can be a bit cumbersome with the Google Drive API V3. If a user has a large number of files, and the limitations of only 1000 rows page page, this can lead to a lot […]

.net core

Asp .net core 3 and Google login 4

Accessing the Google apis with asp .net core can be a little tricky to set up. I have seen a lot of questions about it on Stack overflow the last few years. Today I thought we would have a look at setting up the Google Apis .net client library to […]

How to fix redirect_uri_mismatch error with JavaScript

Have you been getting redirect uri mismatch error with JavaScript origins in your application. This is one of the most common authentication error messages you will get when you first start developing with the Google OAuth servers this error is caused by a setup issue. In this article I thought […]