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My name is Linda Lawton, I have been working as a programmer and application developer for more than 20 years. I began working with the Google APIs in 2012. I have worked with the Google Analytics, Google Calendar API, YouTube API, Google+ API, Google Drive APIs and have probably played with a number of the other ones.

It is my personal mission to understand how Google Open Authentication is used to gain access to most of the Google APIs.

In 2014 I became one of the first Google Developer Expert for Google Analytics. Being a Google Developer expert I have direct access to a lot of the Google Development teams. This gives me abilities to go directly to them in the event I notice an issue with one of the APIs or to just request a new feature. This does not guarantee that the development team will fix the issue or add the feature, but it does allow me to bring it to their attention.

I offer a per hour consulting service if you have problems with your application or would just like some information on things you need to take into account during your development process.
I have personal Development knowledge for Google Analytics and Google Drive APIs, but if you are developing with one of the other API’s I may still be able to help you. If I don’t feel I have the knowledge you will need I might be able to put you in touch with someone who can.

When contacting me please include the API you intend to access in your project, the programming language you will be using, and whether or not you are using or will be using the Google Client Library for your chosen language.

Note: I don’t charge for questions related to using my tutorials, I enjoy helping people learn.

No I am not interested in your help with SEO please don’t waste both of our time by contacting me about SEO.

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