Google Analytics Upload

Google Analytics Upload – brought to you by Diamto 

Are you looking for a way to upload data to Google Analytics,  a Custom Data Source for use with dimension widening ? Google Analytics lets you set up your dimension widening data-set but it leaves the uploading up to you.    Are you a developer given a CSV file from marketing and told to upload it?  Are you in marketing and want to have the freedom of uploading the data on your own without having to contact a developer.  Would you like to automate the process of uploading your daily data?

I have a solution for you, I call it Google Analytics Upload.    It will work similar to Google Analytics Extractor in that it will also be a console application,  you will be able to give it a directory to read from it will read any CSV file within that directory and upload it.

You will need to have the ability to create the CSV files that Google Analytics Upload will then read.     The idea is you  nightly extract the data you want uploaded have the file saved in this directory.    Set Google Analytics upload to run  after, it will look a file too upload if it finds one it will attempt to upload it,  if all goes well it will rename the file to adding _uploaded or possibly moving it to another directory, this is to ensure that you always have a copy of the data that was uploaded.     You will be notified if something went wrong with the upload,  I am still looking in to how this notification will take place,  I hope to beable to have the system email you.

I am still testing this, I hope to have it released in a few weeks.