google drive

Deleting files from Share with me folder

A are you trying to delete files from the Share with me folder on Google Drive? Do you just want to list the files in the share with me folder on Google Drive. I am going to show you how to do both of those things using the C# client […]

Google OAuth Large

Google Authentication with CURL 15

Occasionally while working on a project I have need to test some calls to Googles APIs manually. To do that you need an access token.    Getting an Access token can be a pain sometimes. So i have created a simple CURL script that will show you how to authenticate […]

Google Analytics Windows SDK 2

As you all know I am a windows developer, most of what is either background services or windows desktop applications. I have also been working with Google Analytics for a number of years now. One of the issues I have had is that there was no SDK for windows. There […]

google drive

List All files on Google drive 11

I recently ran across a question on Stack overflow. The question was quite simple how to retrieve the folder values of from Google drive and display them in a directory list using C# and the Google .Net client library. I have used a PageStreamer in the ListAll method in the […]

TARGIT SSIS data reader not appearing in toolbox

The TARGIT Google Analytics SSIS task was a project I was in charge of at TARGIT. The company discontinued the project. There will be no support or further releases of the task. I recommend anyone using the TARGIT Google Analytics SSIS package find a new option. I have asked them […]

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Reporting V4 with C#

The Google Analytics Reporting api was released almost a year ago now. I have been working with the Google Analytics team to release some sample code for it with C#. I am happy to let you know that the there is now C# sample code for the Google Analytics Reporting […]

Developer on Fire interview 1

I couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Dave Rael the genius behind the Developer on Fire Podcast.   The Developer on Fire podcast is different then other developer podcasts. Dave’s goal here is to get real stores from successful developers around the world.  Dave wants to know the […]


Keeping up with skills – Insertion Sort

Becoming set in your way’s I have been a developer / programmer / nerd / geek now for most of my life.     I actually graduated from collage in 1994; wow that’s a long time ago.     Over the years I have hopped around from job to job.   […]

Wix Toolset Upgrade

Wix Toolset Upgrade I am mostly putting this hear from myself and possibly anyone else who tries to do this. Wix Toolset allows you to make windows installers. What I have been trying to do all day was to enable upgrade of my application. If a user installs my application […]