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6 thoughts on “Upload Image to Google drive with Node Js

  • Walter Johnson

    Thanks for the great resources! I work with a school and we are trying to create an iPhone app that will allow end users to choose photos from their Photos app, click the Share icon, then they choose our app name, then the app sends the chosen photos to a pre-chosen Google Drive folder, using a service account’s permissions, as you described. The app will only send/write files. No reading the shared folder. Can we somehow embed this code/functionality into an iPhone app as I have described? Any insight you can provide would be helpful!

  • Andre Monte

    Thank you for taking the time to write this detailed tutorial Linda!
    Can a service account be used to view/open files?
    I currently can create, delete, edit but cannot view the file by using the webViewLink…

    • Linda Lawton Post author

      it can open some types of files if its a google doc file it could open them in the google docs api or a google sheet could be opened though the google sheets api.

      Service accounts have no UI option to them so you cant just open it in the google drive web application like you would for a normal user.