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A few weeks ago I posted about how we can use the Google Analytics Measurement protocol to track the quota usage for the Google APIs. What was the reason behind this post? The reason was that there was no way in the Google Developer console to see how much of our quota we where using against each of the different APIs. Well that appears to have changed. I am not sure if Google has posted anything about this or if this was a ninja stealth change of some kind. But wait until you see what i found today.


Quota OverView

Google Analytics API Quota UsageJust look at that!   It even shows you the different errors.  With the option to check over the last 30 days to down to the last hour.

Notice the Response Codes drop down?

Analytics Quota Methods

Look at that you can also see the numbers down to each of the method you are requesting data from.


This does not give you all the information you could gather by using the Google Analytics Measurement protocol but it does give you more information then we used to have.     By adding the Measurement protocol to your app you also be able to see what screens they are on and where they come from.   But if you just want to see a count of how close you are to reaching your daily quota this will at least show you that.

Oh wait did you really want me to tell you where it is?

APIs & auth -> APIs -> Click on the enabled api in question.   -> There are three tabs there now OverView – Usage – Quota

Anyone know when this was added?

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