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A few minutes ago some one posted a question on StackExchange about Netflix still having access to an account even though the password on that account had been changed. This is because Netflix allows you to authorize a device using open authentication.

A lot of non programmers don’t know what open authentication is, i do know what it is but it got me thinking. When ever i install a new app on my cellphone i normal log in using my Facebook account. But a lot of times i don’t like the application i just go a head and delete it. Well as a programmer i know this doesn’t change the fact that the application still has access to my Facebook account. But what does that mean. That means that even though i don’t use the application any more there is nothing to stop the application from going in and reading information from my Facebook account.

Here is an example:

Today is January 24th 2014. Apparently August 19th (I’m assuming 2013) I gave Pinterest access to my Facebook account. Do i use Pinterest nope, so i remember using it nope. But they have access to all my basic info, my email address, my birthday, and my likes. I found about 20 different things a few with names like ‘tab 14’ that didn’t really tell me who they where or why they needed my information. I would recommend that everyone go and check there App settings on Facebook see who has permission to access your data. Do they really need it?

While you are at it check out ‘Apps others use’ this means that if someone else uses an app that lets them see Facebook and they are your friend it how much of YOUR information that app has access to just because you are friends with someone.

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