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How to set up PostMan authentication to an Itendity server 4 Identity server. Have you been trying to test your API with authentication? Are you using Identityserver4?


The following client Will allow you to connect using Postman. Note that the grant type needs to be authorization_code and that you will need a redirectURI of

    "client": {
        "allowOfflineAccess": true,
        "allowedScopes": [
        "logoutUri": null,
        "redirectUris": [
        "enabled": true,
        "clientId": "832afa32-cabe-40a0-8909-2241cd85e47d.Local.apps",
        "clientSecrets": [
        "clientName": "PostMan Login",
        "postLogoutRedirectUris": [
        "clientUri": null,
        "allowedGrantTypes": [
        "allowAccessTokensViaBrowser": true,
        "logoUri": null


Postman settings

In postman on the Authorization tab select type of Oauth 2.0. Then you can set up postman authentication as so.


Using postman to test your API calls is quite easy even if you need authentication in order to access the api endpoint.

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2 thoughts on “IdentityServer4 Postman

  • Vincent Nwonah

    Thanks for this Linda! postman loads the identity server login page and authorization is successful, however the postman page just redirects to identity server login page again. Any help please?