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You may or may not know it but the Management API – Daily Upload was deprecated on June 18, 2014.      Normally we are given at least 6 months notice before they shut something down.

Daily Uploads has been Deprecated as of June 18, 2014. It will continue to work for a minimum of 6 months but we encourage you to migrate to Uploads as soon as possible.


So by this time I hope that you have migrated.      One of the Google Analytics Developers just sent me an email with a little heads up.  I have permission to share it with you.

Hello All,
The final steps of the dailyUpload deprecation are beginning.
  • Very shortly, it will no longer be possible to create dailyUpload custom data sources through the web interface.
  • By the end of January any legacy dailyUpload custom data sources will begin to automatically migrate to the new uploads resource.
  • If you attempt to use the dailyUpload API after migration you will receive an error.
If you have not done so already it is highly suggested you follow the steps in the migration guide to prepare your code to use the new resource.

As you can see its NOW.    If you haven’t migrated your code you need to do so ASAP or it will be done directly for you.   Also if you are using the web interface for daily upload soon you will no longer be able to use this as well.   I would start working with Upload as soon as possible.



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