Account settings

When you log into your Google Analytic’s Account you may have one or more Accounts you have access to.



Account Name: Your access point for Analytic’s, and the topmost level of organization.

Web Property: Website, mobile application, blog, etc. An account can contain one or more properties.

Profile: Your access point for data; a defined view of visitor data from a property.  A Web Property can have one or more Profiles.

 Daimto Google Analytic’s Import tool



The Daimto Google Analytic’s Import tool allows you to select exactly which account you would like to import data for.

The first option in this section is Connection.   this is your connection to Google Analytic’s  in order for Daimto Google Analytic’s Import tool to access your data you must first give the application permission.   You only have to do this once the system will remember it next time.   If you wish to change to a different account you can click on Refresh button and change the log in.

Account this is the Google Analytic’s account you would like to import data from.

Web Property is the Google Analytic’s web property you would like to import data from.

Profile is the Google Analytic’s profile you would like to import data from.

Set Default profile if you check this check box the Daimto Google Analytic’s Import tool will remember your selection for next time so that you wont have to re-select them again.   this is very useful if you have several accounts but only tend to import data from one.   You can change the drop downs at anytime to select from a different account your Default settings wont be saved unless you click the check box again.