Google Analytic’s Export



  1. Oauth2 Authentication.
  2. Always up to-date MetaData Selection.    You will always have the current Dimensions and Metrics available from Google.
  3. User friendly Filter creation.
  4. User friendly Segment creation.
  5. Ability to export for specific dates or X number of days previously.
  6. Save your data to Microsoft SQL Server, CSV file,  or simply view it.   (Other export methods can be added by request.  Tell me what you need.)
  7. Save your queries to so you can run them again another day.
  8. Settings are saved so that you wont have to re-authenticate or pick your profile every time you start the program.

Features in the works:

  1. Automation set a query to run when ever you like the data will be there when you need it.
  2. Export to Excel.
  3. Export using OLEDB (MySQL, Oracle, Access).
  4. MetaData invalid help.  System will prevent you from mixing and matching Dimensions and metrics that aren’t queryable together.

Screen Shots

If you would like to see some Screen shots of the system.  You can find them here Daimto – Google Analytics Export main Screen.

Demo version

The demo version is available here:   DaImTo – Google Analytics Import