Google API .net Samples

Google .net Samples

Welcome to the Google .net samples project.   In the past as I made a tutorial I always made a test project to go along with it.   I did this to enable myself to test the code as I went as well as to give you a working version of the code to test after you finished the tutorial.    As the site has grown over the last year I have found myself creating more and more sample projects.   I decided it was time to put them all in one place.

You can find them all on Google .net Samples on GitHub.   Before a tutorial series goes live you will probably find the sample project for it already on GitHub, this is again because i normally create the sample project first then write the tutorial based upon that.
A few notes:

  1. The current home for the Google .net client library is on
  2. Issues with the client library can be posted here  issues
  3. NuGet packages.  They can all be found by searching on the API name make sure that they where created by a user called Peleyal.  Anything not created by him appears to be 3rd party stuff.


You are welcome to comment on issues either on the GitHub project directly or via a comment to the tutorial series. Please remember to star it on GitHub its the only way I have of knowing that you appreciate what I am doing.