TARGIT SSIS data reader not appearing in toolbox

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The following are some possible solutions if after installing the TARGIT SSIS task you find that it has not been added to the toolbox.

TARGIT Custom SSIS tasks not available in BIDS/Data Tools

These guidelines are relevant for:

  • TARGIT Custom SSIS Tasks
  • TARGIT Custom SSIS Connect for Dynamics CRM Online
  • TARGIT SSIS Data Reader for Google Analytics

If the TARGIT Custom SSIS Tasks are not available for use in BIDS/Data Tools after installation, here are a few things to try:

  • Make sure to run BIDS/Data Tools as Administrator
  • Make sure to use the version of BIDS/Data Tools that matches the Integration Services version. The version can be checked in Help->About. The versions of the products “SQL Server Analysis Services” and “SQL Server Integration Services” must be:
    • 9.x for SQL Server 2005
    • 10.x for SQL Server 2008/2008R2
    • 11.x for SQL Server 2012
    • 12.x for SQL Server 2014
    • 13.x for SQL Server 2016
  • Check that the TARGIT.* dll’s are in the correct folders by checking the folders of other, correctly working components (see screenshot 1)
    • Data Readers should be in subfolder PipelineComponents
    • Processing tasks should be in subfolder Tasks
    • Connection managers should be in subfolder Connections
  • Check that the TARGIT.* dll’s are in the Global Assembly Cache. For most OS versions, this can be checked in C:\Windows\assembly\
  • We have examples – though very few – where the add-ins do not work unless the dll’s are copied manually to an extra file system location. If none of the above solves the problem, try copying the TARGIT*.dll files from ..\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\<SQL Server version>\DTS\Tasks\* to ..\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\<SQL Server version>\DTS\Tasks\*

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