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11 thoughts on “Google Service Accounts with Json File

    • Linda Lawton
      Linda Lawton Post author

      The only way i have seen service accounts work with Gmail is with admin directory mixed in. Like for a google work or google domain account. You cant pre-authorize a service account with a normal users gmail.

      Awesome question btw 🙂

  • Jonas


    really awesome help with the Google drive api. i was wondering what method you’d use re-build the folder structure of a googe drive and then download (“sync”) the files ?

  • Kardall

    Can you not just use the account login / password to request authorization to access a google drive account via windows application? Do you always have to have a credentials for the account set up?

    • Linda Lawton
      Linda Lawton Post author

      Using Login and password to access an account is called client login. Google shut down client login in 2015. You will always need to authenticate using Oauth2 or a service account..

  • Mathavan

    I need a service account with unlimited storage for google drive file upload.
    My company has unlimited access for google drive for each employee email.
    I created a service account under my company email, but it has limited quota for google drive. So this service account is called ‘user maintain service account’. Am I correct?
    Is it possible to have a unlimited storage access for a service account. Please give me some details about ‘Google maintained service account’

    • Linda Lawton
      Linda Lawton Post author

      I think you should check the doucmentation Perform G Suite Domain-Wide Delegation of Authority

      Warning: Service accounts should only be used for performing delegation where the effective identity is that of an individual user in a domain. Using the service account as a common owner to create many shared documents can have severe performance implications. Additionally, service accounts may not acquire additional storage quota, nor do they act as members of a domain.

      It is not possible to get unlimited storage for a service account.