Google APIs

Google APIs .NET client library 1.9.2 release!   Recently updated !

I have been working with the Google APIs .Net client library now since 2012 it was still in beta when I started using it. I have since then been wondering wishing I could track down the lead developer on the project and have a chat with him. Back in June I […]

Google spead sheets

Google Sheets with C#

Accessing Google Sheets with C# after the Google client login shut down is not as easy as you might think.    The problem is that the Google Sheets is part of the old Gdata api and becouse of that you have to use the Gdata library to access it.   […]

Google Plus

Google+ Photo shutdown   Recently updated !

  Google just announced via their Google+ account, that Google+ photos would be shutting down. You can read it here Goodbye Google+ Photos, hello +Google Photos! They also posted something on the support page about it.  Google+ help support What’s happening to Google+ Photos?     What’s happening to Google+ Photos? We […]

google Error

“redirect uri” errors and Installed Application   Recently updated !

A lot of us get the “redirect uri” error while developing on localhost, the easiest solution to this has been to create a Client ID for native application and bypass the issue all together. About a month ago a user of the site Andrew Jennings left me a comment, I […]

Microsoft Sql Server

TARGIT Google Analytics SSIS 6   Recently updated !

Have you been looking for a way of downloading your Google Analytics data into your SQL Server Database? Are you using Microsoft SQL server 2005, 2008, 2008R2, 2012 or 2014? Do you have the ability to use SSIS? Then I am here to help you. TARGIT has released a version […]


Extension methods with C# 2   Recently updated !

I recently had the need of a method that could take the first letter of a word and change it to uppercase. While creating a method to do this wasn’t hard, I began to think that creating an extension method for string might be a better way to go. So […]

Google Analytics

IS_MOBILE and IS_TABLET deprecated final Warning.   Recently updated !

As you probably know on November 5, 2014 IS_MOBILE and IS_TABLET where deprecated in favor of DEVICE_CATEGORY.    IS_MOBILE and IS_TABLET where dimensions originally found under Platform or device in the meta data API. The Dimension you should now be using is called DEVICE_CATEGORY  which simply returns desktop, tablet or […]

Google Developers

Google Public API access Key Expiration.   Recently updated !

I recently ran across a very intersting question on Stack OverFlow. Stack Overflow is a language-independent collaboratively edited question and answer site for programmers, which I spend a lot of time on.  The question was quite simple How long is the Google API key Valid? . The person who posted […]

Google Analytics

Google Analytics APIs affected by the Oauth1 Shutdown.   Recently updated !

Dear Developer, Parts of the Google Account Authentication APIs were officially deprecated on April 20, 2012 and will be shut down on April 20, 2015. If you use any of the deprecated APIs and do not take action before April 20,2015 your app will not work. What to do for […]